Education – Bal Uddhar Secondary School
Bal Uddhar Secondary School.



Streams & Course of Study

Education is the process of acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.  It makes  a person a complete human being.We offer education faculty to our students who  want  to contribute in the field of education in future. 

Students who have passed the SEE examination or its equivalent from a recognized school or board with a minimum D+ grade are eligible to apply:

Courses Combination:
Comp. English (Eng.003)Comp. English
Comp. Nepali (Nep.001)Child Development
Social Studies and Life Skill Education (Sol.005)Instructional Evaluation and Practicum
Child Development and Learning /Health and Physical Education (Cdl.115/Hpe.111)Health and Physical Education/Population Studies (Optional)
Education and Development (Ed.203)Major English/Major Nepali/Major Math (Optional)
Major English/Major Nepali(Eng.333/Nep 331)
Mathematics (Mat. 401)