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Humanities and Social Sciences


Streams & Course of Study

The Humanities and Social Sciences are the study of human behaviour and interaction in social, cultural, environmental, economic and political context. It focuses upon historical, as well as contemporary issues.It encompasses an understanding of the human experiences and relationship between and among individuals and groups within a society. 

Students who have passed the SEE examination or its equivalent from a recognized school or Board with a minimum D+ grade are eligible to apply:
Comp. English (Eng.003)Comp. English
Comp. Nepali (Nep.001)Sociology
Social Studies and Life Skill Education (Sol.005)Mass Communication
Rural Development (Rud.105)Contemporary Society (Optional)
Sociology/Computer Science (Soc.211/Com.231)Major English/Major Nepali/Major Mathematics (Optional)
Major English/Major Nepali (Eng.333/Nep331)
Mathematics (Mat.401)