Science – Bal Uddhar Secondary School



Streams & Course of Study

Science and technology is one of the present needs for new innovation. Research, innovation and experiment enhances the learners creativity and hosting originality in the 21st. Century. Thus, we offer Science faculty to the interested students with a lot of practical classes.

Students who have passed SEE or any equivalent examination with a minimum C+  grade in English, Math and Science (GPA 1.6) are eligible to join this faculty after accessing success in the entrance examination.

[ Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics (Code No.401) ]
Comp. English (Nep.003)Comp. English
Comp. Nepali (Nep.001)Comp. Nepali
Social Studies and Life Skills Education (Sol. 005)Physics
Physics (Phy.101)Chemistry
Biology/Computer Science (bio.201/Com.231)
Basic Mathematics (Mat.401)