Law – Bal Uddhar Secondary School



Streams & Course of Study

Law is a system of rules created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behaviour of a person. It is an instrument which regulates human conduct and behaviour. It provides verdicts to the exploited people and establishes a peaceful, prosperous nation. We expect to maintain a peaceful community from our law graduates.

Students who have passed the SEE examination or its equivalent from a recognized school or Board with a minimum D+ grade are eligible to apply:

Courses Combination:
Comp. English (Eng.003)Comp. English
Comp. Nepali (Nep.001)Comp. Nepali
Social Studies and Life Skills Education (Sol.005)Human Rights
Jurisprudence and Legal Theories (Jlt.107)Procedural Law
Procedural Law (Prl.207)Legal Drafting
Constitutional Law (Col.317)Criminal Law and Justice System
Human Rights (Hur.407)