Dear Guardians / Students, it is to notify that the ONLINE FESTIVE ECA PROGRAM 2077, to explore and groom up the inherent capabilities of our Students, is being held during this festive season. Therefore, you (Students) are requested to participate in the Online ECA Programs as per the following rules and regulations.

  1. Program Title: – BUSS ONLINE FESTIVE ECA PROGRAM 2077B.S.
  2. Competitions to be held.
    a. Dance Competition
    b. Singing Competition
    c. Rhymes Singing with Action
    d. Speech Competition
  3.  Different Level wise Competitions are as per the followings.
    a. Level A (Pre-Primary)
    b. Level B (Grade I to III)
    c. Level C (Grade IV to VI)
    d. Level D (Grade VII to IX)
    e. Level E (Grade X to XII)
  1. Students can prepare their creation and performance and can upload in their social media profile (Facebook profile) for preliminary phase of competition from 16th Kartik 2077 till the last of Kartik 2077 B.S.
  1. During preliminary phase of Competition, the students have to send the performance video to our formal email: info@baluddhar.edu.np and can upload it in their profile as well they can urge for the LIKE votes publicly.
  1. This first phase i.e. preliminary phase will last till midnight of the last day of Kartik 2077B.S. After that, top 10 performances will be selected by respective Selection Committee on 7th of Mangsir 2077B.S.
  1. Second phase of the Competitions will commence from 8th Mangsir 2077, in which top 10 performances of the students will be selected and formally posted in official YouTube and Facebook pages of the school. Likes and views will be counted formally from midnight of 8th Mangshir 2077B.S. to midnight of 15th Mangsir 2077B.S and that finally matters for the First, Second and Third positions.
  1. Final result will be published on the 16th Mangsir 2077B.S, formally, on our website at 5:00 PM and prize and hard copy certificates will be distributed after the physical resumption of the school. (E-Certificates will be send in few days to the respective e-mail Id of the winners.)
  1. Participants are requesting to sing Nepali Songs and have to choose Nepali Songs for their dance as well. Rhymes with Actions will be only for preprimary level. And medium for Speech Competition Shall be Nepali or English as per the choice of the students.
  2. Participants can choose any one of the following topics for their speech.
  • आमाको माया
  • मैले देखेको नेपाल
  • शिक्षा नै जीवनको आधार
  • मेरो देश
  • आजको युग, प्रविधिको युग
  • हाम्रो संस्कृति, हाम्रो परम्परा
  • यदि म शिक्षामन्त्री भएँ भने …
  • यदि विज्ञानभित्र भावना हुन्थ्यो भने …..
  • Nepal: Another name for Diversity.
  • Baluddhar School: A techno friendly School
  • Corona Virus Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Globalization: Opportunities & Challenges.

(5 minutes at maximum will be provided to each participant for their speech)

  1. Participants should send their creation or performance in the school’s email: info@baluddhar.edu.np
  2. Guardians/Parents are requested to cope your ward in the Competition held by School Administration. In case of any confusion feel free to call @9851147827 or you can login : www.baluddhar.edu.np for the result.



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